A Driftless Cheese Tour and Morning Roundup

A tour of artisan cheeses in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, “Railgating” food trucks go over gangbusters with Vikings fans, Mankato Brewery kicks off its limited production Center Street Series, a look at Barbette’s new fall menu, apparently IKEA sells seven-pound uncured hams, Madison’s Graze gets some Food Network love from the Sandwich King, Figlio reboots in […]


February 1 Tweet Rodeo

@TastebudTart notifies us that IKEA has improved its recycling program and food ware, @Spoonriver1 offers a three-course dinner for $20, @CocoaAndFig works on their chocolate cake recipe, @Chowgirls love the @SweetsBakeshop Breakfast Cupcake, and @KatieBips seeks salt revenge.


January 4 Morning Roundup

… And we’re back. Cheese Underground’s five favorite new Wisconsin cheeses of 2009 (Hook’s 15-year cheddar deserves at least an honorable mention), Rick Nelson reviews the 2009 Twin Cities food scene, a head-to-head comparison of IKEA and Ingebretsen’s meatballs, insight into buying ethical dairy and eggs, adventures in worcestershire sauce, thoughts about Crescent Moon and […]