IKEA Turns Five…

…and Mediation is there. A video of the whole crazy buffet experience, featuring Taylor of Mediation, Claudia, and Chef Chris Olson (Paired, Corner Table). Plus, a clown.


  1. Valentine

    I had a great time there last night! See y’all August 21st for the all you can eat crayfish!

  2. Anders

    Went there for dinner. Tasty, though I missed the gravad lax.

    Meatballs and brown sauce. The sauce was tasty, but the uniform brown-ness of it scares me for some reason.
    Lingonberry jam.
    Mashed potatoes
    Cooked salmon fillets, served with two optional sauces.
    Thin chocolate-covered cake

    All you can eat for $5.

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