Sameh Wadi to Cook for the Beard Awards and March 22 Tweet Rodeo

@TCCraftBeer discounts @SummitBeer Pumpkin Porter, @HeidisMpls adds another pappardelle treatment to the menu — and raves about @SunStreetBreads’ Southern fried biscuit, @CocinaBarrio launches their $10 lunch in Edina, @Victors1959Cafe is hiring patio servers, @Solera_MN completed their remodel, and @EatWSK1 gets excited about Chef Sameh Wadi’s appointment as James Beard Foundation Award Gala Chef for this […]


Heidi’s Reviewed and Recipe Roundup

The Well Fed Guide to Life visits Samba, and Rachel digs the new Heidi’s. Meanwhile, in the busy world of recipes: Grass-fed barbacoa, coconut layer cake, buffalo chicken salad and drop biscuits, chicken bacon hot pot, Colcannon potatoes with bacon and corned beef with cabbage and carrots, maple butter cookies, Baked Aporridgy, chicken skin singles, […]


JP Samuelson Out at Solera and December 17 Tweet Rodeo

@ChefShack1 plans a ‘Docu~bloG’ to document this year’s travels, @DAmicoKitchen officially unveiled the Ice Chamber last night for the first time this season, @JP_Samuelson resigns from Solera, @MarthaandTom tell you how to save 3% on your purchase at @FourFirkins, and @HeidisMpls works with an artist on a tree sculpture at ‘Heidi’s 2.0.’