Tall Grass Brewing and August 16 Tweet Rodeo

@SanctuaryRest quotes Chef Patrick Atanalian’s description of his latest menu, @SurdyksLiquor promotes the 4 Orange Iron Cocktail Competition, @DeRushaEats samples @GrandmaRubys fudge fondue, @GrovelandTap hosts the president and founder of Tall Grass Brewing this afternoon, and @DunnBrosMPLS offers two-for-one fruit freezes today.


October 28 Recipe Roundup

Simple chocolate cake to celebrate the 100th post of A Crafty Lass, two fondues from The Dabble, a French macaroon kitchen challenge (check out our own Thai iced tea macaroons here), butternut squash and leek gratin, a reliable looking recipe for pumpkin seeds, and white bean soup with bacon, thyme, and rosemary.