“Wet” Release and October 11 Tweet Rodeo

@TCFOODFINDS wants to see an increase in neighborly cookie-baking, @MplsFarmMarket shares a “mystery melon,” @WannaBangkok announces a few remaining seats for their Polynesian Tiki Dinner, @EatWSK1 whets the palate for today’s debut of the “chino borrito,” speaking of “whet” — @SurlyBrewer is now packaging “Wet,” and @FEASTmpls plans their next event.


February 8 Tweet Rodeo

@BrasaRotisserie introduces new desserts to their menu, @FEASTmpls announces that the next event will occur in March, @Aebleskiver discusses Mexican chocolate, @Sheelar urges you to place an order for Valentine’s Day, and @TangledNoodle links to an article on Ernest Shackleton’s vintage Scotch and brandy.


December 3 Tweet Rodeo

Do you know what you’re eating? @NSFoodsMemo warns of “Ex-Lax” sushi, @BarbetteMpls touts their primarily organic and local sourcing, @LeeZukor prepares for next week’s SGT gathering at Craftsman, @Spoonriver1 urges you to visit Cafe Brenda before it closes on Saturday, @FEASTmpls seeks volunteers to help plan the next event, and @GIngerHop_NE offers another free bottle […]