duck eggs

June 17 Tweet Rodeo

@ChefShack1 plans┬áto serve┬áthe ultimate hangover breakfast (other than pho or menudo, of course) at @UptownMarket, @BrasaRotisserie still has tickets left for the Brasa, Bell’s, Bikes, & Brews Cruise, @TCCraftBeer comments on @SummitBeer’s brewer search, @MN_Food_Assn seeks picnic table donations, and @ScottPampuch raves about @RogueChocolate’s latest bar.


April 30 Tweet Rodeo

@FourFirkins gets a special German hefeweizen, @GreenMill001 provides a $10 off coupon, @BurgerJones hosts “free pint Friday” (until 2 pm), both locations of @MSMarketCoop sell duck eggs from Living the Dream Farm, and @NgonBistro closes early tonight.