Chris Olson

Apr. 30 Morning Roundup Part II

Rick Nelson follows our lead and takes Mort’s Deli to the woodshed over all their imports, Bill Roehl talks about the surprisingly controversial ins and outs of a proposed Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through in Burnsville, Chris Olson and Kentucky native Andy Sturdevant talk mint juleps (and so does Chuck Terhark!), Metro is the first to snark […]


Olson: The Only TV Chef Who Influenced Me

Terrific short essay over on Chris Eats about how Adam — the reclusive, Sasquatch-like chef on Northern Exposure — was a major influence. If you’ve seen the show, and you know a few chefs, you know that many of Adam’s characteristics — extreme independence, combative fussiness, real passion — are emblematic of great chefs as […]


Mar. 20 Morning Roundup

The Strib reports on the Society, a group that throws super secret parties that involve eating at Solera and listening to loud techno music (it’s like Paired… without all that annoying art!), City Pages is having a wine tasting blowout at International Market Square on Apr. 3 from 6-9 pm ($28 in advance / $35 […]