Sweden’s Big Day

The American Swedish Institute is hosting two big events this Sunday. At 11:30am, a celebration of Sveriges nationaldag (Sweden’s National Day) featuring an outdoor herring and cheese buffet and Swedish songs by Martin Bertilsson. At 1pm, the first  Smörgåsbord of the season, with — and this is a partial list — rosemary and lemon herring, pickled herring, eggs topped with mayonnaise and Greenland shrimp, boiled new potatoes, citrus gravad lax (lemon and orange marinated salmon) served with mustard sauce and cucumber salad, and rökt lax och melon sallad (smoked salmon and melon salad.) RSVP at 612.871.4907 today; $10 per person for the National Day event, $28 for the Smörgåsbord.