Surly’s Mega-Brewery Plan: The Day After

Commentary on Surly’s $20 million brewery / pub plan: “The real significance of Surly’s plan lies not with the thing itself, but with the implications of the proposed changes to the laws governing the three-tier system in Minnesota,” writes Michael Agnew, and the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association opposes the plan, writing, in part: “By preventing tied houses (i.e. Retailers that sell the products of only one supplier), the three-tier system limits the number of retail outlets and therefore promotes moderate consumption, hence our position with the Surly matter.”


  1. Matt

    The middlemen don’t care about promoting moderate consumption; they simply want their cut. Breweries of any size should be allowed to have on site restaurants, and off-sale and on-sale beer available.

  2. Home Brewer

    Ditto what Matt said. Many other countries do not have the 3 tier system and have less alcoholism and more moderate consumption. 3 tier = FAIL!

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