Summit Dumps Twist-Offs and Morning Roundup

Granny Donuts in (update: West) St. Paul turns 24; Minnesota FoodShare gears up for its March campaign; Rick gives the Purple Sandpiper two stars (Rachel had a rougher visit a while back); Summit announces its move to pry-off bottle caps with an Onion-esque ad; the winner of “America’s Next Great Restaurant” will get to open locations in Hollywood, NYC, and Minneapolis; the art of Gastro Non Grata will be on display at Pink Hobo Art Gallery; and Williams Sonoma is selling a fancy Jucy Lucy press (via East-Lake – and also see our epic Jucy Lucy recipe/video).


  1. Kris

    Granny’s rocks! I mean, really, how many other donut shops are open after a solid Friday or Saturday night of drinking (not the next morning – on your way home)? And a supermarket bakery section does not count. This are GOOD donuts.

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