Stoli Doli: Drink at Your Own Risk

Editor’s Note, 10.27.13: Ruby Begonia’s, mentioned below, is now closed.

Mention Stoli Doli at random to any boozehound or recreational imbiber, and you’ll likely get either a blank stare or the nostalgia-tinged exclamation: “Those are so dangerous!”

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table



Originally concocted by the Capital Grill restaurant chain, the Stoli Doli is, simply, Stolichnaya vodka infused with fresh pineapple. Chunks of the fruit are placed in a jar that is then filled with vodka, covered, and allowed to steep for several days before it is enjoyed.

Why are they so “dangerous”? Because as the pineapple juices permeate the vodka, the bite of the alcohol recedes into a smooth, pineapple-y sweetness that tricks your brain into thinking it’s a kiddie cocktail. You can’t have just one.

In town you can find these pale yellow pick-me-ups at Ruby Begonia’s (pictured at left) in Stillwater, where they’re served chilled in a martini glass (or over ice in a  short glass) for $7.50 and — hats off to anyone who embarks on this great journey — in a 32-ounce mug for $22.50.

If the unkind economy is keeping you indoors, for less than the cost of a mammoth mug at Ruby’s, you can quench your own thirst and that of three lucky friends in the solace of your own home.

The recipe below, adapted from, fills four martini glasses to the brim and costs around $4.70 per glass substituting trusty and cheap(er) Smirnoff ($14.29, including tax, at Haskell’s).

Kelly Hailstone / Heavy Table
Kelly Hailstone / Heavy Table

Worth noting is that the longer the mixture steeps, the less it will bite. (A peruse of comments on a scattering of foodie websites revealed one week to be the preferred infusion time.) After serving this recipe to a few guinea pigs after three days, one taste tester said it conjured the collegiate call-to-action, “It’s party time!,” while another, perhaps more vodka-friendly palate, declared, “It reminds me of sunshine and miniskirts.”

Stoli Doli
1 fresh pineapple, cut into chunks
1 750ml bottle of vodka

Place the pineapple chunks into a large glass container, and pour the vodka over them. Cover, and refrigerate for three to four days. Strain out pineapple, and serve vodka over ice.

*If you have a water filter (like Brita) on hand, you can get away with using a bottom-shelf vodka such as Cossack or Haskell’s brand and passing it through the filter four  times. Smirnoff or Gordon’s are acceptable and much cheaper alternatives to Stolichnaya.


  1. Debbie

    I keep this in the fridge all the time and drink it with soda – not as strong and a nice refreshing drink, be sure to put pineapple chunks in drink.

  2. Collin

    For the full go around let the pineapple soak in the vodka for ten days, then strain the vodka from the pineapple (saving both).

    Once separated, place the pineapple in a covered dish and let it sit for and additional two days to allow further juices to seep from the fruit.

    After the two days, strain the additional juice from the pineapple and combine with the rest of the previously separated liquid.

    Shake well before serving, and enjoy a full bodied Stoli Doli.

  3. Entertainer

    I have found that one pineapple is not enough as this is a summer favorite. Cut pineapple into one inch pieces, cover with Skyy Vodka, cover with plastic wrap and leave on counter for 3 to 4 days, strain and extract juice from pineapple (do not try to eat left over pineapple). Put in freezer for 3 hours then serve in martini glass. Always a hit and no leftovers :(

  4. StoliDoliisagirlsbestfriend

    Of course, you should eat the pineapple. It holds a LOT of vodka. I wouldn’t think of NOT eating it.

  5. StoliDoliisagirlsbestfriend

    Our local bar makes these with dole pineapple rings, great and without the hassle of cutting a fresh pineapple.

  6. Rafeeq

    Soli Doli is one of the best drinks a man can have, this is one of the seven wonders of the world.

  7. martinimomma

    I made stoli-doli’s along time ago and they are great. My husband and I along with some friends just recently went to a pizza place (Deno’s)in Lafayette, LA. and they had their Stoli-doli’s infusion with the orange flavored stoli vodka and Gran Gala tiple sec. AWESOME!

  8. kristine

    We made stoli doli and it was great after the fourth day. However the pineapple started to get brown after eighth day. What should we do to correct this so pineapple stays nice and yellow and it doesn’t go bad?

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