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Somos Peru (opens May 4)

6009 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis | 612.244.3400 |

Somos Peru is opening early next month in the former La Perla del Pacifico, giving the area a much-needed injection of South American food.

Co-owner Jorge Custodio said Peruvian cuisine was influenced by the sheer variety of climate, geography, and culture found in Peru. The coastal, jungle, and Andean highlands areas all force the use of different ingredients, and influence from indigenous peoples as well as immigrants from all over the world — especially Chinese, Italian, and Japanese — have created a mix of tastes and dishes that Somos Peru hopes to replicate properly.

Take ceviche, the popular fish dish “cooked” with citrus juice: “It was brought over from the Pacific Islanders and Japanese who ate raw fish,” Custodio said. “But due to the different ingredients found in Peru and the abundance of lime found on the coast, the lime became a main ingredient to season or cure the fish.”

Other examples Custodio gave are “Tallarines Verde,” an Italian-inspired dish of spaghetti with Peruvian basil and other spices; the Chinese-inspired “Lomo Saltado,” which combines beef strips and sliced potatoes with soy sauce and is cooked in a wok; or traditional Incan food like “Papa a la Huancaina” (a saucy potato dish) or “Parihuela,” a traditional seafood stew.

“Selecting the menu was one of the hardest things we had to do in starting the restaurant,” Custodio said. “We tried choosing at least one dish from every region in Peru while considering Minnesota’s location. It’s really not easy trying to get good quality Peruvian ingredients into Minnesota, and this alone took us about a month’s worth of research and contacting and even visiting a large number of distributors not only in the U.S. but also in Peru.”

Somos Peru will begin with a list of Peruvian beers and wines but hopes to expand to a full bar — including a pisco list — once it gets a liquor license.

Custodio said Somos Peru would open May 4.

Rodizio Grill (now open)

12197 Elm Creek Blvd N, Maple Grove | 763.657.1133 |

Let’s hope Maple Grove is ready for a case of the meat sweats: Rodizio Grill, an all-you-can-eat, meat-on-skewers gorgefest a la Fogo de Chão, is now open. It’s the chain’s first Midwest location, so market research must show that Minnesotans really like their meat — Denver is the only other metro thus far boasting both churrascaria chains.

From a press release: “The premier Brazilian Steakhouse will be bringing Maple Grove their first authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, featuring over a dozen rotisserie grilled meats, perfectly seasoned and carved tableside by Brazilian Gauchos. Rodizio Grill is excited to bring the flavors of Brazil to Maple Grove, and is sure that their authentic flavors will be a big hit with the community.” So, it’s Brazilian?

Bon Vie Cafe / A Piece of Cake (combining later this spring)

518 Selby Ave (Bon Vie) and 485 Selby Ave (A Piece of Cake), St. Paul | 651.846.0016 |,

Losing your lease stinks, but in Bon Vie Cafe’s case, it helps to own a building and bakery just down the street: the cafe will move into a remodeled A Piece of Cake later this spring or in early summer. Owner Mary Zahasky said the remodel would start soon and should only cause minimal interruption to the bakery, “perhaps just a few days closed.”


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  • Bon Vie Cafe / A Piece of Cake, combining later this spring at 485 Selby Ave, St. Paul | 651.846.0016 |,
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  • Rocky and Shem’s Ice Cream Shoppe, 56th St and Chicago Ave, Minneapolis. Opens late 2012 / early 2013.

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  1. Suz

    Does anybody know what happened to Kim Bartmann’s plans for the vacant restaurant site just east of Chicago on 38th street? Have seen no action.

  2. Jason Walker

    Suz, it’s still in the early stages, but it’s going to happen. Might be a while yet. It was in the news because of the public neighborhood meeting they were having on the issue, but I’m guessing it’s months before you’ll be eating there and maybe even 2013.

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