SineFellas Cafe Now Open

A Seinfeld-inspired — but not so much that legal action needs to be taken — cafe is now open in White Bear Lake. SineFellas (2202 5th St., Suite 22, White Bear Lake, MN) is owned by the folks behind The Chocolate Spoon Cafe. Looks like they’ve got egg creams… kinda. They’re called “New York Creme Sodas” and they feature cream as well as milk. Web and graphic designers are highly encouraged to visit the cafe’s website.


  1. Gianna Ianos

    Hello James:
    Thank you for the print up… Sooooooooooooooooo, if you Bless Us with your company I promise to make you one of my Famous New York Cream Soda’s,,, You will not be dissappointed… And It’s Free to you when I see the Whites of your Eyes!!!lol…

  2. Mary Easton

    Different name, same old same old. The owners still beg for tips, the store is still full of junk and the insincere compliments make one want to vomit. Think of wanting to eat something after that? No thanks.

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