September 10 Afternoon Roundup

Dara reports that the Real Meal Deli is open in downtown Minneapolis St. Paul, Well Fed Guide to Life hits Village Wok, roasted garlic with goat cheese and tomato raisin chutney, the Parasole “aren’t you just thrilled and titillated to find out the exciting name of the post-Figlio restaurant?” PR assault gets to Rick Nelson, ambitious peach dumplings, a pumpkin oatmeal homebrew recipe, get a half-price bottle of organic wine when you try two new autumn menu items at Cafe Agri, and a look into the secretive world of Minnesota wild blueberry picking.


  1. Nick

    Sadly, the Real Meal Deli seems to be in downtown St. Paul. You got me excited for a second there–something like this would be a good addition to the downtown Minneapolis fare.

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