Rustica Relocates

Rustica, one of the leading bakeries in the Twin Cities (and home to the best local baguette as far as we could tell), is moving, reports Stephanie: They’ll be setting up shop in Calhoun Village (near Punch and Burger Jones) along with Bull Run Roasting Company, a coffee purveyor.


  1. Katie K

    Shoot! Not long after the 46th st bridge is to open and I can access it easily again it moves far away from me. I will have to make a trek for a good bostok.

  2. Nutella

    Cocoa and Fig (see their site!) should move in to replace Rustica… they are way out in the burbs (Shakopee..hello?!) and I’m sure they would do amazingly well replacing Rustica. Somebody should put that in the works…

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