R.I.P. Stones Restaurant and Tin Cup

Nancy Ngo, the grim reaper of Twin Cities restaurants, tallies a couple more for the morgue: Stones Restaurant and Lounge in Stillwater, and Tin Cup, “known for fried chicken, polka music and Lenten fish fries.” Dang. Tin Cup sounded like more fun than an armload of kittens.


  1. Jeff Erickson (Veteran US ARMY Airborne

    Being from Norton Street, Tin Cups was the staple of family traditional Saturday nights out and listening to my Pops talk to Marshall back in the late 70 and early 80’s.

    I plan on buying this property and bringing it back with a new twist. VIP room upstairs, and bringing it back to the original awesome place it used to be!

    So if anyone knows the reality company or person who owns this property have them email me. NOW!

    Tin Cups is comin back and I’m bringing a military flavor to it!

  2. Denise


    I grew up 4 houses from Tin’s, new owners bought it and yuk! It’s worse than never! They opened June 1st. remodeled, and ruined the food. He advertises Tin Cups’ famous chicken – Oh my God, Rudy Tshcida would really be upset – I am – I read a review about another unhappy patron also a Rice Streeter, in ‘Without Reservation” I also emailed the owner myself. His name is Darren Wolke – phone number 651 – 487-7967 – I doubt that he can rectify his lying about the chicken and the service is awful – call him and buy it! I will never go there as long as they are there – and I will not recommend Tin’s to anyone!

    I also knew Ericksons from the area?


  3. Steve


    I just found an ad for the New “Tin Cup” restaurant… they advertise; “Tin Cup Fried Chicken” and “Specialty Juicy Lucy’s that say Wow!”

    The menu is described as:
    “Classic American Bar Food Kicked up a Notch”

    The place has definitely been cleaned up since the last time I visited. Maybe you caught them on a bad day service-wise or something? I had a great first experience to report.

    It’s no longer “Tin Cup’s Place” – the name has been changed. Perhaps we should give them a fair chance to add their own flare and ultimately ‘history’ to the place and to develop their own following (or not)! Ultimately, the market will decide of course!

    This is what our country needs – more risk takers to create new jobs and offer more dining & entertainment options.

    Go have a Juicy Lucy and give a pair of new Entrepreneurs a fair shake!


  4. Sue

    I have been to the Tin cup several times and I think the food is outstanding. I think people should not live in the past and should move forward. The chicken is very good tastes like your granmda’s recipe. I have heard they are selling a lot of it. Come on people we all know change is difficult…. Step out of the box and form your own opinion. It’s hard enough to be a small business owner in todays world. I agree with Steve give a pair of Entrepreneurs a fair shake.

  5. Nancy

    I’ve been to the newly remodeled Tin Cup several times and find it refreshing!! I frequented the old Tin Cup often and am so happy it’s reopened and very much improved. The atmosphere is great, new flooring, paint, new just about everything and the food and drinks are great!!! I encourage everyone to stop in and enjoy the great people and great times!!! The new owners are very nice and take the time to chat with customers and really care about the establishment, which keeps getting better and better!!! So, those of you who once frequented Tin Cups, give the new place a try and I think you’ll find yourself coming back!!!

  6. michael

    Horrible service!!!! The daughter (waitress) of the owner didn’t even know what a Carafe was!!! Food is great but the mother(owner) doesn’t have a clue how to operate a restaurant!!! F-

  7. Mark

    I am the owner of the Tin Cup’s building, and I want to update the notes posted here, since the previous owner has not been in the picture since about June 1, 2011. The ladies who currently own it understand know the business inside and out and grew up right in this neighborhood. They have not only brought this historic establishment back, but they have reestablished such time-honored traditions as the famous chicken recipe. The taste buds of many old-time patrons are happily receiving resurrected memories.

    Regarding the building itself, the changes have only been positive. The old shell had no windows and no obvious connectivity to the basement. The Maryland Ave. side now has a large glass entry, and the Rice St. side has 4 windows where there once were none. These are huge changes that bring the old place into the 21st century, and they have been very well-received.

    If you have not visited Tin Cup’s in the last year, you owe it to yourself to see what’s happening there. The change is remarkable, and it assures that this longtime establishment will thrive for many years to come. ENJOY!

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