Restaurants That Reek

Interesting comment on Chowhound about restaurants with off-putting odors — Chiapas and Adelita’s get mentioned. Any others come to mind?


  1. pinecone

    I went to Pop! in Northeast once and it smelled like they mopped the floors with sour water. Haven’t been back. Smelled the same thing on the tables at Longfellow Grill one time but haven’t noticed it since. That kind of smell in the air affects the taste of the food – disgusting.

  2. Aaron Landry

    I’m with Carly on the Chatterbox Pub in Midtown. Anyone remember on MNspeak when it got posted the building it was in was for sale? (see comments) There had to have been a reason why the Chatterbox Pub didn’t buy the building — their mortgage would have been significantly less than their rent. My guess? More than the ventilation needs to get fixed. It should be noted however that the restrooms have improved over the years.

  3. Scott McGerik

    Ah, yes, the Minneapolis Chatterbox. When I get home from there, my clothes go straight into the washing machine.

    I’ve had similar issues with grease smell at Buster’s on 28th. I have not been there for awhile but I thought someone said they upgraded the ventilation. Anyone know?

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