Record-Setting Bratwurst and Morning Roundup

The best apple-flavored everything; musings on gateway beers (mine: Allagash White at a house party in Cambridge, MA); a profile of Flower Valley Winery in Red Wing; and a Prescott, WI, grocery store grills a world-record brat (52 feet 2 inches).


  1. Trout Caviar

    Last year at the Dallas, WI, Oktoberfest they grilled a bratwurst that measured an astonishing 132 feet–more than two-and-a-half times as long as the Prescott sausage. This year they were planning to best that wurst. The massive wieners are produced by Louie’s Finer Meats of Cumberland.


  2. EMohr

    It was my impression that in order to be a record breaker, you have to go on the record. The longest brat previously registered with the World Record Academy was 47 feet. Also, that brat (in Chicago), and this weekend’s, both were measured with buns. So maybe that makes a difference? Anyway, I don’t think I got snowed.

  3. Trout Caviar

    I contacted Ann Lee (with her husband Randy one of the mad geniuses behind the Dallas Oktoberfest and the Valkyrie (formerly Viking) Brewing Company, and my neighbor), and she responded by saying they hadn’t had the big Dallas brat’ certified because they didn’t know who would certify such a thing. The Guinness book charges a steep fee to be entered in their book. She also sent this posting from the Dallas fest’s Facebook page:

    “On October 6, 2012, the 16th Dallas Oktoberfest grilled an enormous 155 foot long brat topping our last year’s record by over 20 feet. We kindly thank Louie’s Finer Meats in Cumberland for making the brat with our Valkyrie beer Dragon Blad
    e and for Clicker’s Restaurant for grilling the colossal brat. We periodically hear about others claiming to have the longest brat. Last year, a place in Chicago also claimed to have the longest brat knowing full well that we had a longer one (120+ feet) in 2010 since they had emailed us on July 26, 2011 to ask us to how we did it. Here is what they said. “We are having the Oktoberfest here in Chicago. We are interested to know who made the brat. We are not trying to beat the record but we would like to have maybe a 45 footer…Could you please give us some information?”
    The next thing we knew, they were getting press coverage for having the world’s longest brat at only 43 feet long. But the people who were at the Dallas Oktoberfest know the truth.”

    I’m not calling anybody out or questioning anyone’s good faith. I am merely a messenger who believes in Lao Deng’s maxim that we should “Learn truth from facts.”

    Alors~ Brett

  4. EMohr

    I’m thinking of doing a follow-up story, since this has generated several calls from Dallas folks.
    While I was checking, I found this on
    “How much do I have to pay when I make my record attempt?:
    “Nothing! Guinness World Records offers a completely free-of-charge service to anyone who wishes to attempt a world record. We will process your claim, assess the evidence of your record attempt and, if your attempt is successful, we will send you an official Guinness World Records certificate to confirm your record-holder status.
    “The only time Guinness World Records requires payment is for our premium services, such as priority processing of a record application with our Fast Track service or if you wish to hire a Guinness World Records Adjudicator to attend your record attempt.”

  5. Patrick Ptacek

    Cavier and Norton, i believe the Dallas brat is a great feat, and appreciate it, however, there are two very big differences between ours and theirs. First, we have a complete brat WITH a bun, something that Dallas does not have, and is required for the record. Second, we followed the guidelines to get certified and followed them, including two witnesses, one from the state weights and measures, the other our local police chief. cooking a 155′ long brat is much easier than cooking a 52′ brat with bun.

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