Quick Giveaway: Home & Garden Show Tickets

Leave a comment on this post, and at the end of the work day at 3pm, so we can mail these things out promptly (that’s today, Thursday, Feb. 25), we’ll randomly determine 5 winners of pairs of tickets to the Home & Garden Show which runs from Feb. 24-28 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We’ll email you tonight to get your address info, and get the tickets mailed first thing tomorrow (Friday). UPDATE: Congrats to Beth (11:14am), Maggie (12:29pm), Brian (12:59pm), Rachel (1:31pm), and Robyn (2:56pm)!


  1. Beth

    Woop woop! Home and Garden Show, followed by a late lunch at Hell’s Kitchen would sure make a great Saturday afternoon:)

  2. Karen

    What can I say….? I day without the heavytable.com is like a day without access to food! Love it!

  3. Michaela

    I love both The Heavy Table and the home and garden show, though not equally. Kind of like how I love my dog more than my hamster.

  4. James Norton

    UPDATE: We’ll be doing the drawing at 3pm today so that we can get addresses from winners and get envelopes in the mail more quickly. Thanks, all.

  5. James Norton

    OK! And with this, the contest is officially closed. Thanks to everyone who commented. I’ll do a random-number drawing and then send out emails to obtain mailing addresses ASAP.

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