UPDATED: Pepito’s may Reopen as Sonora Grill concept, (PAUSA)

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

UPDATE, 7pm 11-13-17: The deal for Sonora Grill to take over the Pepito’s restaurant space isn’t as far along as we’d suggested in our initial post.

Ward Johnson and business partner Eddie Landenberger are in the process of trying to purchase both Pepito’s and The Parkway Theater, and they clarified that Sonora Grill is one of a number of possible restaurant concepts for the Pepito’s space. As per an email from Johnson:

“Our purchase of this property has not yet officially closed and we are still in the due diligence phase. As part of that due diligence, we have spoken to several local restaurateurs about the possibility of opening a new restaurant concept in the Pepito’s space. Sonora Grill is among those we’ve talked to — and while they would certainly be a great fit, we have not put pen to paper with them or any other restaurants we’ve talked to. And again, we are still technically just prospective owners of the property.”

According to Heavy Table conversation with Sonora Grill over Twitter earlier today (2:15pm 11-13-17), Sonora owner and chef Alejandro Castillon is in the process of taking over the Pepito’s restaurant location at 4820 Chicago Avenue, next to the Pepito’s Parkway Theater. The goal is to open a Sonora Grill-like space:

“He is still in the process of meetings – but will be hoping to open this location with the same concept as Sonora Grill with the name (PAUSA).”

Castillon won a Heavy Table Silver Whisk Award in 2011 and is highly regarded by diners and food writers alike.

We’ll update this post with information (timing, menu changes if any from Sonora Grill, etc.) as it becomes available.