On Slankets and Baconnaise

Things often happen in threes, and it feels very much like Baconnaise, the bacon-flavored spread, is on deck at the moment. A chef friend of mine gave me a jar of Lite Baconnaise after a recent dim sum meal at Yangtze River; something that has yet to have happened… and the third thing, which Heavy Table contributor Becca Dilley noticed while shopping online:


The original item, a combination blanket / slanket / jacket thing, comes in a color called “chocolate,” and chocolate is a sinful luxury food, like bacon. Other than that, the connection between it and the Baconnaise is utterly mystifying.


  1. Christopher

    Could the word “wrap” be the connection? As in, baconnaise is really good on a turkey club wrap?

  2. Darci

    Ha. It’s like Amazon is just telling people to give up–go lie on the couch and eat bacon flavored mayo while wearing the only thing that still fits, your slanket.

  3. artsy

    I agree with Darci.Or,Maybe you can make a wrap with the slanket- with yourself as the filling, and some baconnaise to moisten…

  4. Stephanie

    I think the connection is, “Get over yourself, a Slanket is delightful. And also so is Baconnaise. Treat yourself to some enjoyable things. You know you want to wear/eat this, and not as a joke. Just go with it. Go on…add to cart. Do it.”

  5. Jimmy

    For god’s sake, use the slanket to cover up that creepy naked carrot on the top of the page!

  6. josh boucher

    They are both things that John Stewart makes fun of on the Daily Show. They both are running jokes about how classes and lazy Americans are. So, I guess Amazon assumes if you actually are going to buy it, its because you watch the daily show and want both of the running jokes.

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