October 15 Morning Roundup

“I could have smelled and looked at this beer all night. Unfortunately it got in my mouth,” writes beer maven Michael Agnew of Founders Harvest Ale 2009, a local happy pepper gains noteriety, Simple, Good, and Tasty writes up Pure Market Express (read our review here), reviews of Kona (“lots of obvious fusion-style trends, watered down to meet the needs of a largest-common-denominator demographic”) and T-Box (“It’s all good, but there isn’t quite enough there there”) by Rick Nelson, insight into a pan-Asian restaurant and bar in the old Hell’s Kitchen location called Subo, haws, nannyberries, highbush cranberries and more strange local fruits from Trout Caviar, Jeremy Iggers is hunting down the best church suppers, and the struggle to grow sweet potatoes in a northern climate as told by Harmony Valley Farm.