New Food Show

[Via Zimmern]: “The Voice of Minnesota, AM950, is starting a new weekend food show called Fresh and Local in partnership with the Minneapolis Farmers Market.” Zimmern also takes a (reasonable) dig at the market’s avocados and pineapples. Also on the topic of food radio: Heavy Table editor James Norton appears this Saturday at 1pm on Weekly Dish (107.1 FM) with Stephanie Hansen and Stephanie March.


  1. Farmer John

    I take issue with Mr. Smarty Pants Zimmerman.

    As a long time grower at the MFM what exactly does he think we’re doing this radio show for? Duh? Of course its for promoting our market dummy!

    Also the history of that market is that it was originally a wholesale market not always open to the public. As refrigerated trucks became common in the 1950’s it changed over to retail and many of these same vendors have persisted.

    Also in the 1970’s the market went from 12 stalls to the existing 3 stalls and almost closed. The market was dying and nobody wanted to participate. The resellers persisted again. Should we reward them by tossing them out?

    There is a moratorium on no new resellers. Attrition will take care of the rest.

    Also Mr. Elitist Eater, we have EVERY walk of life at the MFM, check out Mill City and St Paul and its a predominately White Folks market

    Oh and by the way, that little market across the road? – its called the Annex and is privately owned.

  2. Scott McGerik

    Thanks Farmer John for the background info. Now I know why there are those fruit sellers at the MFM. I always wondered but never asked.

  3. Susan Berkson

    Fresh and Local Show Host here answering Zimmern’s fair question:
    Minneapolis locals now hail (and eat) from all over the globe, including places where pineapples and avocados are available year-round. Minneapolis Farmers Market growers actually respond to requests from Minneapolis’ diverse communities and grow what locals request. That’s why you now find lemongrass, cilantro, zaub paj, etc. Alas, pineapples and avocados won’t grow here. But the community wants them so the MFM provides them. If folks can’t get that one veggie at the MFM, off they go to a grocery store and get nothing fresh and local. Keep those Fresh and Local Questions coming. See you at the Market!

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