Minneapolis-St. Paul Late-Night Dining Guide

It seems to go without saying: the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro lacks a late-night dining culture. Even 112 Eatery, a wonderful restaurant that we got to know as the place where chefs ate after getting off work, is closing at 10pm these days, and Uptown late night mainstay Chino Latino went the way of the dinosaurs not too long ago.

That said: It’s less bleak than it seems. Using a combination of tips, first-hand experience, and extensive Google Maps crawling, we’ve pulled together a collection of nearly spots around the metro that will feed you after 10pm on a Friday or Saturday.

Our criteria

No (national) chains

Kitchen has to close at 11pm or later

No minimalist bar menus – Heggie’s and/or fries is great, but doesn’t really constitute a meal

This list covers Fridays and Saturdays only; no promises about other days of the week

We’re intending this list to be useful and usable, and we’ll update it with new spots or remove spots that don’t live up to their posted hours. (Email at editor@heavytable.com with tips and reports.)

But we must share the following caveat: In our post-COVID, Great Resignation hospitality environment, posted hours are often aspirational, and reality often falls short of aspirations. 

If you have any doubts about a spot on this list, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CALL FIRST. And if you’re hungry at 10:15pm, it makes sense to skip right to the “closes at midnight” section before making the trek.



All Saints | 222 East Hennepin Avenue

Notes: We gave All Saints a mixed but promising review in the Oct. 8, 2021 edition of the Churn. A promising spot for a classy late night snack and cocktail.

Barbette | 1600 West Lake Street

Notes: When we first moved to Minneapolis 15 years ago, this place was our Swiss army knife of restaurants – brunch, lunch, fancy dinners, casual dinners – but it got erratic in recent years.

Centro | 1414 Quincy Street NE 

Notes: Satisfying quality Mexican-inspired fare. Ate here recently, really enjoyed it.

Chimborazo | 2851 Central Avenue

Notes: Also does a great brunch. Reviewed as part of our Central Avenue Checklist.

Aguas Frescas at Cuatro Milpas in Minneapolis

Cuatro Milpas | 1526 East Lake Street

Notes: Birria. Reviewed as part of our East Lake Checklist.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbecue | 3025 Lyndale Avenue

Hai Hai | 2121 University Avenue

Notes: One of the great all-rounders out there. Never eaten a bad meal here.

Halwo Kismayo | 2941 Bloomington Avenue

Notes: Reviewed as part of our East Lake Checklist.

Hoban | 2939 Hennepin Avenue

Hola Arepa | 3501 Nicollet Avenue

Notes: Used to think it underperformed vs. Hai Hai (same owners), recently had some excellent meals here.

Jun Szechuan Kitchen and Bar | 730 North Washington Avenue Suite 140

Khaluna | 4000 Lyndale Avenue

Notes: A tough reservation to get right now.

La Colonia | 2205 Central Avenue

Lowry, The | 2112 Hennepin Avenue

Monte Carlo, The | 219 N 3rd Avenue

Notes: Justifiably famous for their tasty wings.

Mortimer’s (kitchen) | 2001 Lyndale Avenue South

Parlour | 730 Washington Avenue North

Pineda Tacos | 2130 East Lake Street

P.S. Steak | 510 Groveland Avenue

Red Cow North Loop | 208 N 1st Avenue

Sooki and Mimi | 1432 W 31st St. 

Notes: Reviewed in our Jan. 8, 2021 edition.

Stella’s Fish Cafe | 1400 West Lake Street

Notes: We’ve yet to eat a good meal here, but yet it persists. Perhaps it has improved?

STEPCHLD | 24 University Avenue NE

Notes: Haven’t been yet, heard nothing but good about it.

Town Hall Brewery (kitchen) | 1430 South Washington Avenue

Town Hall Lanes |  5019 South 34th Avenue

Quruxlow | 1414 East Lake Street

Notes: Reviewed as part of our East Lake Checklist.

Wakame Sushi and Asian Bistro | 3070 Excelsior Blvd 

Young Joni | 165 13th Ave. NE

Notes: Pizza’s really good, everything else on the menu equally good or better.


A Slice of New York | 2407 Nicollet Ave

Bryant Lake Bowl | 810 West Lake Street 

Creekside Supper Club |  4820 Chicago Avenue

Notes: Tough reservation to get right now. We’re checking it out next week.

Freehouse, The | 701 North Washington Avenue

Notes: Incredibly mixed review on our site, years old at this point, though.

Mac’s Industrial (kitchen) | 310 East Hennepin Avenue

Man vs. Fries | 409 South 9th Street 

Notes: The name alone is highly intriguing, would love to hear more about it from someone who’s been.

Merlin’s Rest (kitchen) | 3601 East Lake Street

Notes: Love their meat pies and general local pub ambiance. Reviewed in our East Lake Street checklist.

Mill Northeast, The | 1851 Central Avenue NE 

moto-i | 2940 Lyndale Avenue South

New York Gyro | 4621 Central Avenue NE

Notes: Reviewed as part of our Central Avenue Checklist. Also located in St. Cloud, oddly enough.

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge | 1900 Marshall St. NE

Sonder Shaker, The | 130 East Hennepin Avenue

Spoon and Stable | 211 North First Street 

Notes: Rightfully deserved reputation as being posh and expensive, but also one of the most enjoyable and civilized spots to catch a late-night drink and snack.

Taberna Street Tacos | 3126 West Lake St

Town Hall Tap | 4810 Chicago Avenue


Apoy | 4301 Nicollet Avenue

J.D. Hoyt’s | 301 North Washington Ave

Jimmy’s Pro Billiards | 4040 Central Avenue NE

Notes: Honestly one of our favorite burgers in the metro. Reviewed as part of our Central Avenue Checklist.

Nightingale | 2551 Lyndale Avenue South


El Tequila Mexican Grill and Bar | 4005 Central Avenue NE

Mesa Pizza | 1440 West Lake Street

Hammer and Sickle | 1300 Lagoon Avenue #150

Red Dragon | 2116 Lyndale Avenue South

Notes: So notoriously seedy that notorious seediness is basically its key marketing point.


Marsu Pizzeria + Taqueria | 1509 East Lake Street

Notes: Their Mexican taco-dressed pizzas are not exactly haute cuisine, but they’re not bad, either.

Taco Taxi | 1511 East Lake Street


Taqueria Los Ocampo, East Lake | 801 East Lake Street 

Notes: If you’ve ever closed this place down, please email us the story. Reviewed as part of our East Lake Street Checklist project.



Bennett’s Chop and Railhouse | 1305 West 7th Street

Lexington, The | 1096 Grand Avenue

Pappy’s Chicago Style Eatery | 1783 Maryland Avenue

Parlour | 267 West 7th Street


Oxcart Arcade and Rooftop | 255 6th Street East

Taqueria Los Ocampo | 1751 Suburban Ave

Taqueria Los Ocampo | 895 Arcade St

Notes: 4 a.m. close on Saturdays.


Nook, The | 492 Hamline Avenue South

Notes: When The Nook is in one of its good phases, it makes the best Jucy Lucy in the state, and therefore most likely the best in the universe.

Shamrocks | 995 West 7th Street

Notes: Despite sharing ownership and most of a menu with The Nook, we have never had a better-than-mediocre Jucy at this bar.

Tori Ramen | 603 West 7th Street


La Costa Mexican Sports Bar | 194 Cesar Chavez Street  

Notes: Upholding a great tradition of Mexican spots holding down the super late night slot around here.


11 P.M. CLOSE 

Meister’s Bar and Grill in Stillwater | 14808 Oakhill Road

Papa’s in Stillwater | 101 Water Street South


B-52 Burgers and Brew in Inver Grove Heights | 5639 Bishop Avenue

La Carreta in Stillwater | 1754 Market Drive

Notes: Reviewed this for the Growler a few years back. Tasty!

Lumberjack, The in Stillwater | 123 Second Street North

Notes: Axe throwing is an option here.


Tilted Tiki in Stillwater | 324 Main Street

Ziggy’s On Main in Stillwater | 132 Main Street


Matchstick Restaurant and Spirits in Stillwater | 232 North Main Street

Notes: Hours on the restaurant website are “to close,” so the Google hours may be overly generous.



Baldamar in Roseville | 1642 County Road B2

Notes: We reviewed this spot for the Growler and really dug it.

Maverick’s Wood Grill in Champlin | 11328 West River Road

11:30 P.M. CLOSE

Pizza Flame in Coon Rapids | 2016 105th Avenue NW


Bear Town Bar and Grill in White Bear Lake | 4875 Highway 61

5-8 Grill and Bar in Champlin | 6251 Douglas Court North

Trappers Bar and Grill in Lino Lakes  | 6810 Lake Drive


Serum’s Good Time Emporium in Anoka | 213 Jackson Street

Notes: Famous for their wings, we haven’t tried ’em, always been curious if they match the hype.



B-52 Burgers and Brew in Lakeville | 20751 Holyoke Avenue

Bricksworth Beer Co. in Burnsville | 12257B Nicollet Avenue South

Notes: Profiled in depth by Jerard Fagerberg in our Dec. 4, 2020 edition.

Doolittles Woodfire Grill in Eagan | 2140 Cliff Road

Hazelwood Food and Drink in Bloomington | 8160 26th Avenue South

Sandy’s Tavern in Richfield | 6612 Penn Avenue South

Tawakal in Burnsville | 12609 Nicollet Avenue

Union 32 Craft House in Eagan | 2864 Highway 55

Notes: Open until midnight on Saturdays.


Volstead House in Eagan | 1278 Lone Oak Road


Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill in Eagan | 1960 Rahncliff Ct


Los Grandes in Burnsville | 251 Burnsville Parkway

Mediterranean Cruise Cafe in Burnsville | 12500 Nicollet Avenue

Notes: Would love to know the deal with this place, which in addition to closing hella late also touts belly dancers as part of its appeal.


11 P.M. CLOSE 

Bacio in Minnetonka | 1571 Plymouth Road

Birdhouse Eat and Drink, The, in Robbinsdale | 4153 W Broadway Ave

COV in Edina | 3155 Galleria

Doolittles Woodfire Grill in Golden Valley | 550 Winnetka Avenue North

Mi Pueblo in Eden Prairie | 7942 Mitchell Road

Notes: We reviewed this place in the newsletter. It was good for lunch, we suspect it would be even better at 9pm on a Friday.

Pajarito, Edina | 3910 West 50th Street

Red Cow, Edina | 3624 West 50th Street

Travail in Robbinsdale | 4134 North Hubbard Avenue


McCoy’s Public House in St. Louis Park | 3801 Grand Way

Town Hall Station in Edina | 4500 Valley View Rd