Linden Hills Co-op Moving

The Linden Hills Co-op is moving to the former Almsted’s Sunnyside Market space at 44th and France (3815 Sunnyside Ave, Minneapolis). Jeanne Lakso, Marketing & Member Service Manager for the co-op, writes: “Basically, we’ve outgrown our current space long ago, and our board of directors has been examining options for the co-op for about the past four years. Our current building’s lease is up September 2010, so it was a good time to look at all possibilities.” MONEY DRAMA UPDATE: As per LHC member David Brauer’s tweet: “Must raise $1.5M by 1/31/10.”


  1. Moe

    Wow, should be interesting to see how this changes the businesses in both areas as I’m sure the Co-op brings in a lot of daily traffic. The new location is less than a mile away, but feels more Edina than Minneapolis.

  2. Brian Ames

    I feel this coop is very well run and destined for great days ahead for its members, customers, and employees.

    I find their staff very helpful, informed and free of the “attitude”.

    Their mission then is to keep that vibe that makes them special and not get lost in the additional shelf space and numbers.

  3. Meredeth Barzen

    I know, Teddy! I always took comfort in the fact that I could walk there in a blizzard for soup or dog food with very little trouble. A mile is a long way to haul 28 pounds of kibble in the snow.

  4. yoshi

    Living only a block from 44th and France for the last ten or so years I have been incredibly amused by the attempts to put something in that corner. From the prior owner’s suspicious agreement with Lunds to keep out Kowalskis (something never successfully explained or denied) to my local neighbors driving CVS insane with idiotic demands (must use union labor! the color of the brick is wrong! do you know how to tear down a gas station?).

    From my perspective the co-op moving to that corner is a good thing – a place I can quickly pick up last minute ingredients but it doesn’t bode well for the downtown section of Linden Hills. Especially with local residents raising costs for businesses to locate here due to their idealist demands.

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