Lemon Cloud Cake at Fire Roast Mountain

James Norton / Heavy Table
James Norton / Heavy Table

Fireroast Mountain is one of the best (if least-recognized) bakeries in the Twin Cities — this charming Longfellow cafe turns out terrific linzer tort cookies, oatmeal fudge bars, and a treat called Lemon Cloud Cake. At $3 for a generous slice, it’s about as good a dessert value as you could hope to find.

Your piece will be disconcertingly large, but have no fear — the texture is light and spongy, and the flavor a mildly sweet counterpoint to the fireworks-in-your mouth impact of the lemon (and what tastes like orange) curd spread between the cake’s layers.

While many desserts (and most cakes) are a sledgehammer of sweetness, Lemon Cloud Cake succeeds through its light, spongy texture and the citric kick of its filling. With a cup of tea on the side, this is a fine way to unwind over the course of an afternoon.


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