Kvass, Turkeys, Chickens, and the Morning Roundup

City Pages digs up five secret local spots in Duluth (read our reviews of three of them: Uncle Louis, Lake Avenue Cafe, and JJ Astor), the northwest end of the “highly affluent suburb” of St. Louis Park is getting its own farmers market at the Shops of West End, will someone please get rid of these damned Nordeast turkeys, CHOW.com is looking for nominees for its next round of food innovators and there has to be at least a few around here, Angelica’s Garden is now making and selling Kvass (a fermented beet drink), America’s Next Great Restaurant Soul Daddy is already down to just one of its original three locations (the Mall of America one, lucky us), strawberries are looking late but good this year, Bill Roehl thinks a recent rah-rah Burnsville dining survey is a joke, Heavy Table writer Jason Walker did a great segment on farmers markets and chickens with Esme Murphy on WCCO radio, I popped by MPR to chat with Tom Crann about food trucks, and Rick reviews the “often-appealing” Sopranos (we were also surprised in a good way) and praises the newly opened Indochin on Grand Avenue.