Kickstarter Spotlight: Winsome Goods Mobile Design Studio

winsome-topperThis story is underwritten by Peter Sieve.
Minneapolis-based clothing design house Winsome Goods has put a plan in action to turn an old Airstream trailer into a mobile design studio, with a goal to travel the country and bring their small-batch, limited-run womenswear to pop-up shops in cities nationwide. The rewards for the Kickstarter campaign are cool, as is the video, which you can watch right here.
So, why a mobile clothing design studio? It goes without saying that food trucks are great for a lot of reasons, one being that the chef-to-eater relationship can simplify the process of getting great food into our mouths. The same parallel can be drawn with fashion, an industry where there has historically been a lot of smoke and mirrors between a given brand and customer. With the Winsome Mobile Studio, designer Kathryn Sieve aims to close the gap between the production and sales of products that are a labor of love, and to make the process more fun and visible for the fans and customers who want the goods.
winsome-sieve-designing“I want to create transparency in the process — let people see exactly how their garments are designed, sourced, made, marketed and shipped,” said Sieve. “The Winsome Mobile Studio will allow me to bring Winsome to the public. To me there’s something so much more satisfying about meeting people face-to-face — and creating real relationships — than cultivating thousands of Instagram followers, even though social media is still crucial to us.”
The specific goal of Sieve’s Kickstarter campaign is to fund the renovation of a vintage 1975 Airstream trailer into a fully functioning clothing design studio, along with modest accommodations for living. Her plan is to travel the country and collaborate with other designers and boutiques in various cities, setting up camp in a given city for a few weeks at a time. During a visit, Winsome will create a limited run of garments that will culminate in a pop-up event where people can tour the studio, shop the clothes created specifically for that city, and learn about the process.
winsome-sieve-trailer“The plan is loose, but I’m excited to see where it takes Winsome as a brand,” said Sieve. “It’s fun to think about the opportunities and collaborations that might happen where I least expect them to.”
There are some great rewards at every funding level, from printed tote bags to handmade wallets on the low end, and a year’s subscription of Winsome garments or mobile studio naming rights at the high end. Click here to watch the video, and consider pitching in to help a great project come to fruition.

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