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Win 2 free seats at a 6-course lamb sampler dinner at Zelo, May 20!*

Lamb is a unique and delicately flavored meat, featured by cuisines around the world with a myriad array of seasonings and accompaniments. Whether lamb is your favorite food, or you are simply curious about its many possibilities, we invite you to join us for a panoramic evening of flavors and enjoyment at Zelo, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Make reservations by calling us at 612.333.7000. But don’t hesitate — there are only 36 seats available.

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On Sunday, May 20 at 6pm, Zelo and Shepherd Song Farm of Downing, WI, are teaming up to offer a 6-course tasting menu, which will feature Shepherd Song’s grass-fed lamb in all dishes except dessert. The price is $55 per seat (optional $25 each for wine pairings is offered, too). The evening will be held in an intimate private dining room at Zelo that seats 36 people. Both the chefs and Judy Moses and Larry Jacoby, the head shepherds at Shepherd Song Farm, will be present to share in the enjoyment, as well as provide their unique perspectives about the meal, its histories, and the possibilities for healthful, delicious food.

Zelo is a large, bustling restaurant, beautifully decorated and situated on downtown Minneapolis’ central retail thoroughfare, Nicollet Mall. It greets the diner with a focus on ingenious recipes and passionate preparation, and a commitment to make customers feel like they were dining in a 16-seat family-owned cafe. Every meal is a celebration of the restaurant’s collaboration with local, original-source, and sustainable producers, which Zelo and Bacio executive chef Jason Gibbons has quietly carried on for the 13 years Zelo has been in business.

May 20 will be his and his staff’s special celebration of Shepherd Song’s exceptional, pasture-fed and humanely raised lamb, the taste and quality of which he describes as “subtle,” “so clean-flavored,” “second to none,” and “probably the best lamb chops I’ve ever eaten.”

Gibbons, for whom lamb has been a lifelong favorite, will be joined in the kitchen by his two younger and very creative chefs, Peter Hoff from Zelo and Michael Zinser from their other Minnetonka restaurant, Bacio. They will create a boundary-crossing, continent-hopping New American Cuisine festival of lamb, borrowing flavors from Italy, the Middle East, and beyond. All three chefs will contribute a recipe or two, and different cuts from the whole lambs Zelo purchased will be featured in each of the six dishes.

We’d love to share this meal with you, and we hope you’ll “like” us on Facebook, earning a chance to experience the meal for free!

—Judy Moses and Larry Jacoby