I am Pabst – and I Fight Giant Squid

If you drive north through the intersection of Franklin and Lyndale in Minneapolis, you will see a striking and inter-related new billboard and wall mural adorning Mortimer’s. Put together, they are a painting of a Paul Bunyon-esque character holding a can of beer while being attacked by a giant squid. It is striking, artistic, and only subtly an ad. Plus, it features an epic battle with a large cephalopod.


Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

It seems that this particular image — created by Jacob White of Los Gatos, CA — was a winner in the PBR Art Contest, in which Pabst lovers submit art in an attempt to get a year’s worth of PBR and some cash prizes. Well done, PBR. Your willingness to feature off-the-wall and squid-based humor has won over at least one passer-by.


  1. ryanol

    Wow they finally figured out a way to combine the two of the things hipsters love most….Pabst and Cephalopods if only they could have a figured a way to get some yarn or felt in there?

    <<<commence slow clap now.

  2. Mariah - Mpls PBR field marketing rep

    Hey Becca! Glad you like the new art. We’ve got a bunch of new pieces up in Minneapolis. Our next art contest features sculpture and photography as well as painting / drawing. I’m excited to see what PBR fans come up with next!

    If anyone is interested – you can go to the pabst website for more information. http://www.pabstblueribbon.com This year’s contest is already in progress, but you can always get a jump on next year’s competition! Or just check out some of the great stuff posted on our blog!

    Mariah – PBR

  3. Davi Ottenheimer

    “Paul Bunyon-esque?”

    I don’t remember a fight between Paul and the squid. Perhaps it it more Moby Dick-esque?

    That, or since it is in MN it could be a young Bruce Schneier

  4. jarrin

    As a PBR-drinking, mural-loving, cephlapod-adoring human being I have to take issue with “only subtly an ad”. It’s first-and-foremost an ad! There’s nothing subtle about a giant PBR can in the foreground of a twenty foot billboard owned by Clear Channel.

    Still. I’d much rather see more of this style of advertisement than the contemporary variety.

  5. KevinB

    It’s probably Ned Land from 20K Leagues Under the Sea rather than Paul Bunyan. Didn’t know they had PBR on the Nautilus.

  6. Kai Jones

    There’s one in downtown Portland, OR too. I thought the man must be John McEnroe: he’s wearing the tennis kit (including striped socks and matching striped headband) I associate with McEnroe.

  7. TMSM

    A “Paul Bunyon-esque character”?

    So Paul Bunyon was some skinny little hipster douche? Next you’ll tell me that Babe was not in fact a blue ox, but instead a little pink piggie.

  8. Brewing Kit Nash

    Wow, this is so amazing. But what I disagree the most is — why in the hell should they recyle artworks? I mean, if you’re an artist yourself, you should create your own artworks. It would be acceptable if it was just an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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