Homegrown Minneapolis Ready for Comment

The draft recommendation of R.T. Rybak’s Homegrown Minneapolis initiative is ready for comment. (For reference: some thoughts on the initiative as it was being formulated.)


  1. R.T. Rybak

    We are really looking forward to thoughts from every angle. I really want to thank the 100plus people who have been part of this so far. It’s clear we have touched a nerve but it will take a lot of effort on a lot of fronts to make it real.

  2. Farmer John

    Farmers markets are currently out of control across the metro. While consumers and granola munching folks sipping their lattes might offhand think this is great, the large farmers who participate in these markets are seeing watered down sales from the diluted market share.

    I have received no less then 8 inquires to participate in new farmers markets this year already around the metro. Where are the new farmers? We’re not talking weekend warriors who have an acre to sell from either.

    The one that grates on me is the new uptown market on Sunday. As if we need another market on sunday to compete with the Mpls Lyndale and Kingsfield markets in the same general area. Their webiste is awfully self congratulatory but I wonder if they polled any farmers before setting off on this endeavor?

    The LA Times ran an article last year about how many leading producers gave up on farmers markets in CA as the number of markets ballooned out of control and market share fell at each market. I predict that is what we will see here in the Cities as this good thing has gone too far.

    I hope that Home Grown can get a handle on markets and stop the proliferation before its uneconomically less feasible for real farmers to make a go of it.

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