Fulton Goes from South Mpls Garage to Downtown Big-Time

“The first full-scale brewery in downtown Minneapolis” opens this summer — Fulton is setting up shop in a 6,000-square-foot, single-story building near Target Field. (And to think we knew them back when.) Add that to recent moves by Surly (proposing a massive brewery), Lift Bridge (building a brewery), Town Hall (new location) and Harriet (Longfellow brewery space), and there’s a lot going on in the local beer scene, real estate-wise.


  1. pete

    this is great news, but does it mean that fulton won’t be able to send kegs to other restaurants anymore? the beer laws in MN remain utterly confusing.

  2. aperfectpint

    Fulton will remain a production/package brewery and not a brewpub. They will still distribute their beers the same way they always have. They’ll just be making it themselves (at least a portion of it) rather than contracting the brewing to another brewer.

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