Foul Food, Foul Fowl Treatment, Fowl Play, and the Morning Roundup

Rachel heads out to the ‘burbs to eat at the Purple Sandpiper and BLVD (review features this bare-knuckle imagery: “The Cauliflower Soba Noodles might have been mistaken for day-old cat vomit”),  the Well Fed Guide to life chows down at El Taco Riendo, a Minnesota turkey hatchery comes under fire for animal cruelty, and Trout Caviar lauds unfussy fowl. And with that, the Roundup bids you “Happy Thanksgiving” until Monday. Guten appetit!

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  1. Trout Caviar

    I’m tempted to cry foul–er…fowl?–at that headline, but instead I’ll just say Happy Thanksgiving, HTers. You’ve definitely earned your bird this year.


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