Fire Destroys McMahon’s Pub on Lake Street

Aaron Landry / Heavy Table

A large fire destroyed McMahon’s Pub on Lake Street early this morning. High winds added to the strength of the blaze, which continues to burn as of 8:45am.

According to WCCO, the building also houses a number of apartments above the pub. WCCO also reports that fire crews “think the fire started in one of the corners of the building on the second floor.” Minneapolis Councilmember Gary Schiff told Aaron Landry, quoting the fire department, that the fire had left “one woman dead, boyfriend missing.”

Update: 9:20am: Report from the fire chief: number of people missing up to six, including three children.

Update: 9:49am: The Star Tribune has more details on the potentially six people missing, including words from family members.

Update: 2:00pm: WCCO Reports “4 Killed, 2 Missing.” “At 1:30pm, fire crews were still working to put out hot spots. The roof and the first floor of the building had collapsed.”

Update April 5: The six victims have been named and a fundraiser to benefit the families of the victims has been scheduled for April 17th.

Aaron Landry / Heavy Table


  1. Heidi Q

    This was a tight knit establishment. One of the men missing was the bartender and the woman who died was the mother of another person who worked there. My thoughts and prayers go out to them and the rest of those missing and their families. This is going to be a hurting community.

  2. Carla Pryor

    I live in Virginia now but received the heartbreaking phone call that Those lost in this fire was my little nephews auntie and cousins it’s a very sad time for everyone who knew and loved them.

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