February 12 Morning Roundup

Dara reports that Big Daddy’s is making a comeback, how about a romantic Valentine’s weekend trip to an old-fashioned Wisconsin BrewFarm?, a video guide to making cream puffs by Kim Ode, Stub and Herb’s gets national notoriety as a beer spot, photos from the new Cocoa & Fig, a foodie contemplates 40 days without meat, five soups you’ve gotta try, and a thoughtful evaluation of Minneapolis in general and as an eating city specifically.

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  1. LoveFeast Table

    Ah, Minnesota eats! My blogging partner in crime lives in MN while I claim residence in Baltimore. Every time I visit, I feel like there is not enough time to hit all the great eats! There is definitely a food culture that I hope Baltimore will pick up on one day. It is fun and creative and diverse!

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