Feb. 13 Morning Roundup

Iggers reports from Singapore, Dara reports on recession-busters such as Black Sheep, The Blue Door and Bulldog Lowertown, Nelson rounds up all manner of Thai food, Zimmern plugs Gastro Non Grata at the Triple Rock, Hutton talks up the new planned gastropub Gas-tro-nome, and Metro Magazine rounds up the best pizza… defined here as essentially every pizza place in Minneapolis or St. Paul, short of Domino’s. Oh, and Little Caesar’s. Pizza pizza.


  1. James Norton

    Ha! I don’t fundamentally object to your level of taste on any of those choices. (At least the ones I’ve tried, which is probably 60-70 percent of them.) Speaking in purely personal terms, I was just expecting longer explorations of fewer places.

  2. cterhark

    The funny thing is, compared to most of our blurb-fest features, that WAS our longer-items-on-fewer-places treatment.

    BTW, if you want a really long exploration on a few places that almost certainly don’t require long exploration, you should read this: http://tinyurl.com/ak8zh3

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