Farmers’ Market in Uptown

Metro reports that the Minneapolis Uptown Marketis scheduled to be held four times in 2009, on the third Sundays of June, July, August, and September and will be located on 29th Street, between Lyndale Ave. S. and Dupont.”

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  1. Farmer John

    This is unfortunate. THe proliferation of farmers markets does not coincide with a proliferation of new growers.

    Most markets are full of bakery goods, arts and crafts and short on farmers. THe serious producers are now chasing more markets for smaller market share.

    The LA Times ran an article in 2008 about the same “problem” in CA. Many of the larger and best producer left the markets and focused on wholesale.

    The sad thing is many of the market developers are too busy patting themselves on their backs to understand that sustainable farming means it must also be economically sustainable.

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