Eating the Apocalypse

After a two-year hiatus, The Heavy Table is back.

The Minnesota food scene is challenged as it never has been before. The Heavy Table is dedicated to covering the culinary side of the pandemic and economic crisis. And we’ll tell the story of the coming renewal, the evolution of the food scene, and – as always – whatever happens to be the most delicious things to eat and drink at any given moment.

A New Model

Heavy Table 2.0 will publish (at least) two original stories a week on its website. But much of the magazine’s value will be found in two biweekly newsletters: The Churn and The Tap.

The Churn will be aimed at the needs and wants of diners. Everything from the Hot Five (the best things our widely scattered and knowledgeable staff have eaten recently) to short restaurant and book reviews, to recipes from our kitchens, to “cheat codes” to help you incorporate fresh ingredients and approaches into your cooking. It’ll be available to all of our $5/month backers on Patreon.

The Tap will target readers who want a more comprehensive view of the restaurant scene in Minnesota and beyond, rounding up and reporting on openings, closings, and other developments, with interviews and media roundups to make this a tool for staying in touch with the many evolving developments that are changing the way we eat and do business. It can be subscribed to for $10/month on Patreon.

Culinary Reportage Without Fear or Favor, but With Compassion

During the Heavy Table’s initial run (2009-2018), the magazine gained a reputation for its unvarnished writing and its willingness to cover people and places that were overlooked by larger media outlets.

We’re still going to be tough, and we’re still going to travel wherever the good food is. But we’re also going to keep in mind the incredible struggle that it takes to operate a restaurant or other food business during a relentless pandemic. We’ll still keep an eye on our readers’ wallets, but the value prospect has changed now that so much struggle and human risk has been entered into the equation.

With Your Help …

None of this happens without your support. But with your help, we’ll create some of the most compelling and beautifully illustrated culinary stories in the Upper Midwest.

With your help, we’ll find and support new voices to tell food stories through words, pictures, video, and more.

And with your help, we’ll document a historic challenge and a memorable response and recovery. And we’ll all eat well along the way.

Here’s to the journey!