What to Eat When Ordering Delivery

Sam Glover / Bite Squad

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Even though restaurant delivery is valuable year round, it’s even more convenient to order in when the weather goes from chilly to downright freezing. Keep things simple, and let Bite Squad bring the food to you, especially during the colder months, when you dread icy roads, sketchy parking, and multiple layers of outerwear.

Whether your meal comes from a fast-food joint or your favorite local steakhouse, it’s important that it arrives fresh, hot, and well-kept. Hopefully, both the restaurant that packs the food and the delivery driver who transports it will help take care of that for you. Bite Squad trains its drivers to follow the most efficient route, use real-time technology that notifies them when your food is ready for pick-up, and always put food in cold or hot bags (depending on the order), so it will arrive as fast and fresh as possible.

If you want your food to show up at home the same as it would were you to dine at the restaurant, try one of these menu items. Although, really, any local restaurant cuisine that you’re in the mood for will be delicious and save you time, effort and hassle.

Sam Glover / Bite Squad / food from Rock Bottom Brewery

Crispy Chicken

In Minnesota, chicken is the most popular delivery food. And it makes sense when you consider that it’s offered by most restaurants in one form or another. You can’t get much more crowd-friendly than chicken wings and tenders — the perfect game day food, and totally kid approved.

Sam Glover / Bite Squad / food from SotaRol

Poke Bowls

Think of a poke bowl as “deconstructed sushi” with rice, sushi-grade fish, salty sauces (soy or ponzu for example) and toppings like avocado, seaweed, cucumber, and shallots. While you should consume a poke bowl in a timely fashion (because of the raw fish), it’ll arrive at its freshest, packed securely in a container with a lid and delivered in a cold bag to preserve its chill.

Sam Glover / Bite Squad / food from Rock Bottom Brewery

Delicious Dips

You really can’t do much damage to a bowl of queso, guac, or spinach dip, no matter how hard you try. Does it really matter how sloppy your dip is when it arrives, anyway? Every last bit will be scooped up by a soft pretzel, chip or cracker. Some foods were meant to be messy! Especially, finger foods.

Sam Glover / Bite Squad / food from Sprout Salad Company

Salads & Wraps

Take a break from heavy comfort food, and nosh on bright, fresh salads and wraps. They just make you feel good. And because they’re prepared cold, you don’t have to worry about their losing heat en route. Plus, the dressing will be served on the side, sparing any risk of sogginess. And wraps? They’re usually rolled tightly in paper or foil so they stay chilled and hold together nicely.

Sam Glover / Bite Squad / food from Gorkha Palace

Indian Cuisine

Naan is the most-delivered restaurant food, probably because it pairs so well with other delicious Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala and curries. Indian and Asian fare travels well because rice, noodles, and saucy entrees tend to stay hot longer than foods like burgers or tacos that also may shift and unravel during transport.

If you’re in the mood for food that travels, order from Bite Squad.

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