Early Apples from Ames

“Ames Farm will have Zestar, Chestnut Crab, and Wealthy apples at the Minneapolis Farmers Market on Lyndale Ave Saturday and Sunday, about a week earlier then usual,” writes Brian Fredericksen of Ames Farm.


  1. Kris

    I’ve already seen apples at both the Thursday and Saturday Burnsville farmers markets so suspect there will be some to be had at the St. Paul market. Not sure who the producers are as I’m still stuck on melons for the time being.

  2. sd

    St. Paul Farmer’s Market has had a vendor or two selling apples for the last couple of weeks. Varieties beyond Zestar and Wealthy, too.

  3. Brian Ames

    The University of Mn’s average picking date at the Arboretum for Zestar is Aug 30, Wealthy Sept 5 and Chestnut Crab Sept 7th and other varieties beyond those dates.

    Orchards that do not irrigate and experienced drought conditions may have apples ripening early. Orchards south of the Cities also may ripen early so there are many factors.

    Some large orchards simply cannot wait until a variety is fully ripe as the shear volume is impossible to pick and sell when ripe.

    Its a business decision for an orchardist to decide when to pick and some pick early when the fruit is unripe, tasteless and unappealing.

    Many others including Ames Farm chose to wait until their fruit is fully ripe.

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