Doughnuts-A-Go-Go and Morning Roundup

The owners of Schell’s Brewery get a Service to Mankind award (it is pretty good beer), a review of Joey Nova’s pizza in Tonka Bay, urban farmer Will Allen and Andrew Zimmern will co-headline the Kickapoo Country Fair organic food fest, seasonal eating at Rainbow Chinese, the Heavy Table talks pies on All Things Considered, WCCO’s choices for best local doughnuts, Northern Brewer is opening a new flagship store in Minneapolis, a review of the doughnuts of Tschida bakery in St. Paul, a blogger reviews the food at Blue Nile, St. Paul bars struggle to stay open on Sundays (and at least temporarily win), the Strib’s story on the rise of CSAs, Saffron reinvents itself, Rick Nelson documents the food truck revolution, and one of the best line-cook stories you’ll read this month.