December 22 Recipe Roundup

Behold the Cranberry Margarita (and don’t forget our Cranberry Vodka Tonic), vegetarian breakfast burritos (they look like tacos, but whatevs), smothered pork chops, and Andes mint cookies.


  1. James Norton

    Hey, I’m about two days away from a crown roast, so I’m not jealous of anything. Just wondering what seperates a burrito from a taco…

  2. vegetarianperspective

    Good question. I like to break the molds, I guess, and for breakfast, a diminutive burrito seemed more appropriate. Please send pictures of the roast…I wonder if I can make one of those out of plantains! Enjoy the holidays, my foodie friend.

  3. James Norton

    A plantain crown roast, I love it. If you make one, email me. If not, I may have to try it. Happy holidays!

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