Daniel Del Prado and Ryan Burnet Purchase Former Bachelor Farmer Space

In a major development for the North Loop dining scene, the former Bachelor Farmer space will come to life once more. Prodigious restaurateurs Daniel del Prado and Ryan Burnet have bought the space and will open a modern steakhouse with Argentinean influences in the summer of 2023. The closure of the Bachelor Farmer near the beginning of the 2020 pandemic marked a moment of real gravity for the local dining community; the restoration of the building to restaurant status is a positive step that will further stoke the already lively North Loop scene and further increase del Prado’s already outsized impact on the Minnesota culinary landscape.

As per the press release:

Restauranteurs Daniel del Prado and Ryan Burnet have finalized the purchase of the beloved former home of The Bachelor Farmer. Located at 50 North 2nd Avenue in Minneapolis, Burnet (Bar La Grassa, Barrio, Northside Boxing) and del Prado (Martina, Colita, Sanjusan, Josefina, Rosalia, Cardamom, Macanda) will open a modern steakhouse with Argentinean/Patagonian influence inspired by del Prado’s background. The former Marvel Bar space will transform into a lively and innovative cocktail bar that stays true to the DDP Restaurant Group beverage programs. Both concepts are slated to open in the Summer of 2023. 

Having met after opening Isaac Becker’s Bar La Grassa and Burch, Burnet and del Prado remained friends and this new concept marks their first foray into business together. Knowing the importance The Bachelor Farmer had on the Minneapolis culinary scene, this new concept will inhabit this landmark building while upholding the same high standards, thoughtful culinary offerings, and welcoming spirit that came before.