The Cookie Cart vs. Tank Goodness

In a society where we can get almost anything delivered — pizza, dry cleaning, a Snuggie two-pack with two bonus booklights (only $14.99 at!) — it shouldn’t surprise anyone that cookies can now come out of a car rather than your oven. On initial consideration, one could lament the extreme laziness of the cookie-consuming public that necessitates such a service. But then you’re surprised at the office with a carton of freshly baked, crumbly goodness and you slap your forehead wondering why you didn’t think of this before.

The Twin Cities boast two home-grown options for when the cookie urge strikes. The Cookie Cart sprung from an initiative of a local nun, Sister Jean Thuerauf, to keep at-risk kids off the North Minneapolis streets. Inviting them into her home to bake cookies, Sister Jean got the idea to sell the cookies by pushcart, and the Cookie Cart was born. Now a full-scale job-training program, the Cookie Cart employs local teenagers and teaches them basic job skills along with the cookie recipes. Tank Goodness is the brainchild of Anne and Dennis Tank, a South Minneapolis husband-and-wife team who decided to quit their jobs and start sending their signature oatmeal chocolate chip cookies around the Twin Cities in custom-painted Mini Coopers.

Which cookie to choose? The Heavy Table has developed a handy pros-and-cons list to help you make this all-important decision.

Jill Lewis/Heavy Table
Jill Lewis/Heavy Table

The Cookie Cart

Pros: multiple varieties of cookies available, money goes to a worthy cause, no minimum order

Cons: delivery costs extra and timing can be off (an order placed for 2 p.m. was delivered at 11:30 a.m.), cookies arrived cold

Courtesy of Tank Goodness
Courtesy of Tank Goodness

Tank Goodness

Pros: cookies arrive in specially designed boxes that keep them warm and soft, made with premium ingredients like organic eggs and local butter, can be delivered with a half-gallon of local milk, free delivery for locations within 5 miles of Tank Goodness’ 50th St. and Xerxes Ave. facility

Cons: only one variety of cookie offered, two dozen minimum order

And the results of the taste test? While Tank Goodness’ oatmeal chocolate chip was the hands-down winner over the Cookie Cart’s chocolate chip, the Cookie Cart won kudos for its not-too-sweet chocolate chocolate chip variety. But since the Cookie Cart cookies arrived cold, it was hard to make a truly accurate comparison. You might have to order a few dozen and judge for yourself.

The Cookie Cart

Cookies start at $7/dozen, delivery $8.50 for downtown Minneapolis (call to confirm delivery fees for greater metro area); no minimum order
Bakery line: 612.521.0855 x103
Fax for order forms: 612.521.9293

Tank Goodness

Cookies are $20/dozen, delivery fees vary from $0 to $10, based on location; two dozen minimum order
Cookie hotline: 612.824.TANK
Fax for order forms: 612.824.LOVE


  1. Carmela Tursi Hobbins

    The Cookie Cart is help kids that might otherwise be on the streets causing trouble. The cookies are great and I would buy cookies from them anytime because I know they are good. You can always warm up a cookie in a micro-wave. When buying cookies from the Cookie Cart you are doing so much more than buying cookies. You are keeping a kid off the street and he in turn is learning some skills.

    Sister Jean was brilliant to come up with such a program so many years ago.

    Buon appetito,


  2. Staciaann

    I’ve been ordering Tank Goodness for birthdays and such for over 4 years now and they are the best. Not only in customer service, but the cookies are fantastic. Even when a few days old, they are hands down the BEST cookies. …and I eat a lot of cookies. This article makes me drool just thinking about them – nom nom nom.

  3. kimmykins

    Ordered Tank Goodness for our company a few years back. After awful customer service we started going to a cookie place in the skyways instead. Glad to hear there is an alternative delivery option for our company birthday celebrations etc. Will make a note of their number.

  4. Jenni

    I love The Cookie Cart, especially the english toffee ones. I also love the fact that when I buy the cookies they are for a great cause!

  5. Brooke

    Cookie Cart makes great cookies and serves an even greater cause. How about out-of-state delivery!!??

  6. camden

    Cookie Cart is awesome – best cookies and top notch customer service. I have found them to be extremely reliable and easy to work with. Not only a lot cheaper than Tank Goodness, but you’re helping to support a noble cause (one of the rare instances where you can feel good about eating cookies!)

    Brooke – I believe they will ship cookies all over the country so out-of-state I don’t think is an issue. Thanks Cookie Cart!!

  7. R Baker

    As a momma in Texas trying to order cookies for her son in MN, the lack of an online order form (Tank Goodness) – in this day and age – is pretty inexcusable. Get into the 21st century!

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