Summit’s New Beer

Via Carey Matthews at Summit Brewing:

“Summit Brewing Company announces a brand new year-round beer to be released this spring:  Horizon Red Ale – an emerging American hybrid ale that crosses the boundaries of styles.  This red-hued ale projects an intensity of complex hops – yet allows the drinker to experience the balance and character of the malt.  Floral, dry, hoppy and satisfying.  Beautifully dry hopped, Horizon Red Ale will be considered a classic.”

Beer nerds only, after this point:

Malts used: Two row pale, caramel, cara-red, wheat and black.
Hops used: Horizon, Amarillo, Cascades and Summit
Original Gravity: 13.3 degrees Plato
Bittering Units: 65 to 70
Alcohol by volume: 5.7%
Color: 20 Lovibond

You can check out the label over on MNBeer.


  1. Ian Davis

    Wow, I’m really looking forward to this beer. This beer sounds like my kinds of beer as long as they don’t get to crazy with the wheat. Hopefully they are just using wheat for mouth feel. 20ºL shouldn’t scare away the northern pale-skins but the Amarillo might.

    Pint glass and an open tap line ready, bring it on.

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