Coming Soon: Stabby’s Cafe

Signs on the old Isabel’s Coffee Cafe and Lúcuma windows on the corner of Cedar Ave S and 42nd St in South Minneapolis indicate the two spaces have been combined and it will be the home of Stabby’s Cafe. One page says they’re trying to perfect the coney recipe from Angelo’s Coney Island in Flint, Michigan alongside a menu of various pancakes, omelets and other diner fare. “Opening in March,” but by my judgement peering through the windows I’d bank on April.


  1. B. Davis, Flint

    If they would like to know, what makes these coneys so good, and the recipe for the chili sause. I can fill them in.

  2. Matt Branoff

    To whome it may concern,
    I read with interest your article in the Flint Journal on March 12th. I am the son of one of the original owners of Angelos and worked there from adolescence to the time it was sold. It has since been sold and has never been the same as evidenced by the huge decrease in patrons since the new owners took over. I have the recipe that you are looking for. If you are interested in what I have to offer you can e-mail me.

  3. Mike Staab

    Hello, my name is Mike Staab and I am the owner of Stabby’s Café. I would like to thank everybody for their interest in my establishment. I already have what I think is a great Coney recipe. Would love to have others if you could help. I love all the variations that people have sent. I am hoping to clear up some things. I am in fact not trying to perfectly re-create Angelo’s recipe. I am in fact making a Flint style Coney rather than a Detroit style (wetter). I am basing this recipe off of Angelo’s and Star Lite styles which I have enjoyed so many times growing up in flint. As many of you know when travelling, most places outside of Michigan serve you a chili dog with no beans and call it a Coney. I explain this in my menu and was trying to pay tribute to those great Coney establishments in Flint. Thank you for all of your interest. Please send comments to

  4. amanda

    We’re excited about the new diner opening. I hope you will increase your vegetarian options. You can easily add Not-dogs and veggie burgers to your menu, allowing people to substitute those for any of the burgers/dogs on the menu.

    We live in Powderhorn, and like a lot of our neighbors, are a split veggie/omnivore household. I think you will do better if you serve this group of people.
    Thanks! and good luck

  5. Gordy Neumann

    Always Secure Alarm Protection was the security provider for the old Isabel’s Coffee, the Cedar Inn and several other businesses in the area. We offer alarm monitoring for only $15.95 per month. Looking forward to a new place in the neighborhood to eat and a client back.


  6. andrea

    I agree with Amanda- we live really near your cafe (I used to LOVE Isabel’s and was a teensy bit upset when they closed) but I love the idea of a new place nearby. However, I do need some veggie options.
    Merci Beaucoup!!

  7. kim lau

    Hey Mike, We wish you all the best! I know your new venture will be a great success. Love, Steve, Kim and the Kids

  8. David

    Hey veggie folks, in the midst of all the fuss about their chili dogs, they have veggie sausages with their breakfast items! For years my partner and I have been wondering why we couldn’t find any bfast joints who serve them. And you can even get them there as a topping on the scrambler, which is really tasty. Kristin is a server, and is veggie herself (check out the omelet “Kristin’s Revenge” – super yummy), so talk to her with your requests. Yes, we have become regulars – sympathies to Isabel’s, but long live Stabby’s!

  9. Lowell

    Found the place today August 2 loved the sausage and gravy wife had very good omlet, Will be back

  10. Josh's mom

    I am also interested in obtaining the original Angelo’s recipe so I can teach people down south what really good food tastes like. Just joking…but seriously Matt, are there any “psuedo” coney recipes posted on the web that are even remotely close to the real deal???? Just wondering. Not asking you to give away family secrets…just kind of point me in the right direction. Thanks

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