Chocolat Celeste Closing [Updated]

As per the Chocolat Celeste website, this Saturday, April 24, is the St. Paul shop’s final day in business. Internet orders will resume this September. Founded in 2002 by Mary Leonard, the shop gained national accolades for its hand-crafted confections. I principally remember the Chocolat Celeste team as the good sports who custom-crafted dark chocolate Almond Joy knock-offs called “Almond Als”  for then-radio host (and picky eater) Al Franken. Via the store’s Facebook page: “With the right combination of devotion, courage, and butter, anything is possible. We are saying goodbye to the ‘avenue,’ not the dream… After a brief summer hiatus, we will return.” UPDATE 07/21/11: Chocolate Celeste has reopened and relocated to 652 Transfer Road in St. Paul.

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