Candy Alley Opens and Morning Roundup

Governor Dayton supports the Surly legislation (but the entire liquor omnibus bill may be a different story), an irate coffee lover tells Dara to review more cups of coffee, some gorgeous shots from week one of Midtown Farmers Market, a look at Wild Idea Buffalo Company in Rapid City, SD, Chef Brent Pilrain of Roma and Patriots Tavern demonstrates his meatloaf sandwich from Minnesota Lunch on KARE 11 (I’m there, too), there’s a new candy shop called Candy Alley in already candy-rich South Minneapolis, next time you’re hunting breakfast in Madison try Crema Cafe (not that Crema Cafe), some pre-rapture Mexican and BBQ food, and a Madison restaurant presents an epic six-course recreation of a meal Alexander the Great shared with his troops in 323 BC. (Not mentioned: It might’ve been the meal he was poisoned at. If he was poisoned at all. The forensic details from 323 BC are a bit sketchy.)