Are You a Pie-Pie-Cake Person, Or What?

So, here’s an identity-defining question to explore the next time you’re standing around at a cocktail party, staring intently into a campfire, or trying to decide whether you’re compatible with that guy from Match: Are you a cake person or a pie person? Actually, that’s not quite precise enough because, as we all know, not all cakes and not all pies are created equal. So:

If you had to choose between a lousy, 10th percentile quality pie or a lousy, 10th percentile quality cake, which would you eat?

Likewise: If you had to choose between a decent, 50th percentile quality pie, or a decent, 50th percentile quality cake, which would you take?

Finally, if you had to pick between a slice of the best pie in the world or a slice of the world’s best cake, which way would you go?

Let’s say you chose “cake,” “pie,” and “cake.” Congratulations, you are a cake-pie-cake person!

And as long as we’ve got you here, how about telling us where you stand on this issue? And, just as importantly, where — including perhaps your own kitchen — would you say you can find those 10th, 50th, and top percentile pies and cakes? Share in the comments.

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  1. howard_child

    Can’t wait to see more Pie Week features. Regardless if Pie is the new doughnut which used to be the new cup cake, pie is good because it can harbor fruit, cream, and savory dishes. I <3 pies.

  2. Eric

    Pie-pie-pie, a thousand times pie. And the best pie is homemade pie. There is no pie available at any commercial establishment that is nearly as good as my pie, and that’s not bragging. Just a fact. I’m sure there are folks who make better pie than me, in THEIR own kitchen.

  3. SewardCakeEater

    Love em both when they’re good, but bad grocery store cake beats bad grocery store pie any day. Restaraunt cake and pie, even from the better spots in town, can be hit or miss. My strategy – befrind a really excellent baker!

  4. Greg

    Cake-pie-pie. Normally, I always go with the pie, but there are _sooo_ many things that can go _way_ more wrong with pies than cakes – bad things. I’ve avoided dubious-looking pies at Lutheran basement carry-in dinners in favor of what was obviously a grocery-store-bought angelfood cake before. Yeah, I know the pies were baked by well-meaning Lutheran church-basement ladies, but oh, the colors…

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