Apr. 8 Morning Roundup

Summit Horizon Red Ale is debuting at Four Firkins on Apr. 13 [via MNBeer], A Perfect Pint reviews Lift Bridge Biscotti beer, Katie eats Choco Bananas so you don’t have to and also dines at Papa’s Pizza in Victory, nobody local made the cut for Top Chef Masters [on the AV Club via Chris], and Ryan Aberle is out at NorthCoast [Iggers].


  1. ryan

    Bummer about Ryan Aberle. He invited Dawn and I out to one of his beer dinners this winter. We had a blast. Quite a loss.

  2. Nate

    I never got to Northcoast with his innovative tasting menu. That was near the top of my list (I have a very comprehensive list of restaurants I plan to attend). I should have made it more of a priority knowing that a chef being let loose to make and do whatever he pleases with the tasting menu (ie, the “scientific” food experiments he made up like foie gras pop rocks) wouldn’t last forever at a restaurant in Wayzata.

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